History of the Dance
DVIDA Hustle Syllabus (Bronze)
1 Hesitation   2 The Wheel   3 Underarm Turn Combination    (You Go, I Go, You Go)
4 Leader’s Behind the Back Pass and Follower’s Bridge
5A Cross-Body Lead     5B Cross-Body Lead with Open Break to Return
6 Return to Face Loop   7 Double Hand Hold Bridges    8 The Whip
9A Cradle with Continuous Left      9B Cradle In and Out
10 Back Spot Turn     11 Grapevine   12 Sliding Doors   13 Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn
14A Shadow with Comb   14B Shadow with Free Spin   15 New York Walk

Basic Steps

Basic rhythm, back break side break, front break and turns



Beginning & Intermediate Steps

Advanced Steps


  3 way Hustle


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