About us

Andy and Virginia Jian love ballroom dances.
We were teaching and managing ballroom dance activities at CPAA Arts Center, San Jose, California, for more than 15 years.

Currently we are teaching at Startlite Ballroom Studio in San Jose, CA on Friday nights 8pm, and
Sunnyvale Senior Center, Sunnyvale Ca, on Tuesday afternoons 1:30pm.

To contact Andy directly, please write to andy_jian@yahoo.com

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Our Performances


4 Responses to About us

  1. Charles Lai says:

    I love the NC2 step with 老情人. I hope you can show me how to do it. I live in Chicago. I hope one day we can meet.


  2. Valerie Jeung says:

    Really enjoyed seeing these videos. You both make a beautiful dancing couple and
    look so in sync! My favorite is the Argentine Tango. Andy provides the great frame,
    leadership, and on spot rhythm. Virginia, you are so graceful. I can see your body, arms, legs, feet nuances continuing to develop to perfection. Very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing.

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